2013 Ford Fusion for You Who Love Style and Quality

October 29, 2012 | Ford

Car is not only a vehicle to accommodate your daily activity. It is also a vehicle to bring luxury happiness for you. Some people will choose a car based on the functions and facilities, but some people will choose the design. 2013 Ford Fusion offers you facilities, and also good design. With the luxury style, this car will not disappoint you who love to drive good car with good style.

2013 ford fusion
2013 Ford Fusion

The 2013 Ford Fusion is an attractive car that has already been made over to improve the car. The 2013 Ford Fusion is sleek and looks so modern with large alloy wheels and well raked windshield and well proportioned greenhouse. This car is better than its previous version, 2012 fusion by 10%. Although this car is slightly same with the previous version, the 2013 Ford Fusion has differences that help to avoid the confusion with its competitors.

2013 ford fusion titanium
2013 Ford Fusion titanium

2013 Ford Fusion models: S, SE, SE Hybrid and Titanium.

The 2013 Ford Fusion’s features are more upright dash that set closer to the windshield, and also fewer buttons set low on the centre stack. The seats of this car are so comfortable with the abound surfaces that have been completed with soft touch feature. The 2013 Ford Fusion will appear in various kinds of configuration. There are four different choices for engine and three levels for the equipments that you can use. The three engines of this car are including six-speed automatics. There is also My Ford Touch to allow the rider to customize the car control parameter virtually. There are also an active park assist, cross-traffic alert, blind spot warning, adaptive cruise control and a lane-keeping system to help you drive 2013 Ford Fusion safely. Ford always offers you the best car that suits you. The new bodywork, an impressive array of new drive train and equipment options, the 2013 Ford Fusion is the best mid-size sedan that Ford can offer you.

2013 ford fusion interior
2013 Ford Fusion interior

2013 ford fusion rear view camera
2013 Ford Fusion rear view camera
The rear view camera is included in the Technology Package, which is optional on the Fusion SE and standard on the Fusion Titanium.

You will not be disappointed by the 2013 Ford Fusion. This car is really amazing in both the feeling that you can feel while you are riding it and also the character. This car is also offering various things that you might desire from a family sedan. In fact, it can exceed your expectation. It is definitely an amazing car to drive. Although it looks like a luxury car, but the price is affordable. With the convenience of the comfort, the 2013 Ford Fusion can offer, you can purchase it with less money than other similar types of car. So you can consider buying 2013 Ford Fusion as your new car.


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