2013 Honda Accord Sedan with Fuel-Efficiency Technology

November 18, 2012 | Honda

2013 Honda Accord Sedan is another type of Sedan that looks so luxurious and elegant. We surely will be more confident and proud when we are driving this classy car. Classy car such as this 2013 Honda Accord Sedan presents the best performance either from its exterior, interior, and machine. Three main or basic parts of car are customized with the best components for supporting the best performance of car. Most people especially those who love Honda’s series in much. All Honda’s products present the best look and performance in which the look can be identified from the design (interior and exterior) and the performance can be identified from machine quality and power. A nice and artful exterior design will be affected more by the use of some exterior components such as headlight, taillight, and sporty wheels. Then for the interior design, we surely will focus on some basic parts such as door handle, seats design and numbers, speedometer, dashboard, audio controls, machine controls, stir, Air conditioning control, and many more.

2013 honda accord sedan
2013 Honda Accord Sedan

Model and Engine Types
LX (In-Line 4-Cylinder)
Sport (In-Line 4-Cylinder)
EX (In-Line 4-Cylinder)
EX-L (In-Line 4-Cylinder)
EX-L V-6
Touring V-6

2013 Honda Accord Sedan Interior
One thing that must be owned by all cars is the comfort of the passengers and driver themselves. Even though all sedan types are so identical with narrower cabin with fewer numbers of seats, 2013 Honda accord sedan is different. The cabin is larger and it is capable to be customized with 4 comfortable seats. Passengers and driver can enjoy the trip comfortably. There is no reason to accommodate more passengers since it is only a sedan car type made by Honda. The maximal passengers are four people including the driver.

2013 honda accord sedan interior
2013 Honda Accord Sedan interior

Fuel-efficiency Technology Features
Eco Assistâ„¢: Honda’s revolutionary fuel-efficiency technology. Eco Assistâ„¢ has two components that work together to help you get more miles from each fill-up.

2013 honda accord sedan eco assist fuel-efficiency technology

Above is only less review about 2013 Honda Accord Sedan. When we are so curious about what the most diferent from 2013 honda accord sedan compared to other Sedan types , we will discover some significant difference is in some parts such as unique bumpers of car. The bumpers applied on car are lower 3, 5 inches among the bumpers and 0, 9 inches tighter from wheelbase. As modern and most classy Sedan type, 2013 Honda accord sedan consists of two rooms of cabin in which each room has two comfortable seats. If you and your friends like to traveling by car, this car is well recommended since you and your friend are allowed to stretch your hands out from the car. This will make you more fun. The traveling will be an unforgettable moment for you and your friend because of this 2013 Honda accord sedan.

2013 honda accord sedan sport

The new 2013 Honda Accord Sport trim features impressive 18″ alloy wheels wrapped with P235/45 R18 tires for serious performance.

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