2013 Hyundai Veloster: The Combination of Better Deal, Sporty Look, and Best Performance

January 24, 2013 | Hyundai

In 2013 Hyundai Veloster, there are three main things that can be found. They are nothing else but better deal, sporty look, and also best engine that create best performance. The price of this new car can be said to be better if compared to any other new cars released in the same year of 2013. The car comes in two trim levels: Veloster and Turbo. It is known that the price is started at $17,600 and $22.100 in turbo trim. The reason why this price is said to be a best deal is not only because it is lowered if compared to any other new cars. Besides, it is also because with that price, people can still get some best qualities that they are looking for in a ride, including top quality performance and also very stylish and also sporty look.

hyundai veloster 2013
hyundai veloster 2013 – with 3 doors

From the design, there are some focal pints that you can find in 2013 Hyundai Veloster. The first point is nothing else but some choices of exterior colors of this car. The name of each exterior color is made to be very unique unlike any other cars. For example, there is Vitamin C, Ironman Silver, Ultra Black, Marathon Blue, Boston Red, Century White, and also Triathlon Gray. Other than unique color trim, other thing which is also found to be interesting in the exterior is certainly the very prominent grill which size is rather big. Other than that, the 18-inch alloy wheels are other things that make the exterior of it to look even sportier.

2013 hyundai veloster turbo white
2013 hyundai veloster turbo in white color

2013 Hyundai Veloster
2013 hyundai veloster – in Triathlon Gray

The interior of this car is perfect because it is completed with seats with very sporty look. The look is better because leather is the material chosen. Other best thing about the interior of this car is because it is quite spacious. Even the car has only 3 doors, the back seats of it are still comfortable because they are not narrow at all. Moreover, the interior is also completed with high end technologies too, including a multimedia screen with 7” size.

2013 Hyundai Veloster interior
2013 Hyundai Veloster interior

As mentioned before, this 2013 Hyundai Veloster also has best performance. Of course this performance is something resulted from the choice of engine applied to this car. The engine used in this car is 1.6 DGI engine with 4-cylinder feature that can create up to 201 horsepower. This car has 6 manual transmissions or optional 6-speed automatic transmission for veloster turbo. All things about the engine of this car are surely enough to make the performance of it to be best. It is so reasonable that then this car is said to be a car with best engine for drivers to consider.

2013 hyundai veloster 1.6 turbo
2013 hyundai veloster 1.6 turbo

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