GMC Terrain 2013 Compact Crossover

October 20, 2012 | GMC

For those who like to have car that could give better V6 engine choose to get GMC Terrain 2013 could be their option. We could see that this car is perfect option for those who like compact crossover. This is small crossover SUVs that could give comfort driving that is needed. We could see that this car offer you with 2.4 liter engine with four cylinder that could create 182 horsepower. It could also create 32 mpg EPA for highway. We could see that Terrain change their 3.0-liter V6 machine with injected 3.6-liter V6. With new engine we could see that it could generates 301 hp. Besides that this new machine could generate 272 pound feet for its torque. Basically we could see that with new machine and additional muscle this car has same consumption as its predecessor. This car also has six speed automatic transmissions as it complement. GM has those improvements to satisfy and attract their customer. The 2013 GMC Terrain trim levels: SLE-1, SLE-2, SLT-1, and SLT-2.

gmc terrain 2013 onyx black
GMCTterrain 2013 in onyx black

We could see that this car offer several colors that could be your option. Quicksilver metallic, ashen gray, crystal red, carbon black, summit white, gray green, atlantis blue, iridium and onyx blac are colors offer by GMC Terrain 2013. You just need to choose color that could represent your taste and will. For example when you are someone that love with elegant sense chooses to get onyx black color could be your option. Are of exterior complete additional features that could not you get from its predecessor. There will be new tail and headlamps, 18 or 19 inch wheels, chromed grille, rear fascias and body color front are new exterior features could you get. For interior you could get several upgrades that will make you feel comfort when you are driving. There will be leather upholstery, lighting, and wood trim you get. Beside that this car also has improvements from their standard features. You could see that they have Bluetooth, smart phone integration, power lift gate and also internet radio streaming. There will also collision alert mode and lane departure warning as additional features that could you get. Refined interior pro: easy-to-use MultiFlex rear seat system maximizes the comfort and utility of this small SUV. Cargo space that you’d expect from a larger SUV.

gmc terrain 2013 interior
GMC Terrain 2013 interior

For safety we could see that GM put this as their main concern. You could see that their rear crash protection and also head resistant is good. This car will be sale on marketplace in this fall season. You need to prepare at least $35.000 to take this car as yours. That’s all features and several improvements that could you get for new model. Hope all details about GMC Terrain 2013 will be helpful to help those who want to take this car.

gmc terrain 2013 safety
GMC Terrain 2013 safety

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