2013 VW CC: Keep Stylish in Driving with Affordable Sedan

November 10, 2012 | Volkswagen

2013 VW CC is a type of sedan which is include as one of the most affordable car made from Germany. VW cc which is released in 2013 is a brand of Volkswagen which has so attractive details either exterior and interior designs and also the machine used for powering the car. 2.0L TSI® Engine is tuned to have a broad, flat torque curve with a nice, wide power band and 3.6L V6 engine for more power. It is released firstly for Americans who are so eager to have more attractive physical appearance of car. Like other Sedan types’ design, 2013 VW CC has common body design but it looks more luxurious and strong car. Seen from main design, 2013 VW CC has more sporty design than other kind of Sedan’s series. Sporty details can be seen easily on its wheels use and other components of exterior details such as the head lamps, nail lamps, and many more components.

2013 VV CC
2013 VV CC

Perhaps for the owner of previous VW, they are so bored with common look and anything else related to the main components of the car. But now, there is the most recent 2013 VW cc that will charm everyone especially for the automotive lovers. They then must want to own it since they will look so trendy driving a luxurious car. Good news for Sedan lovers is that 2013 VW cc will new performed with the standard content. Since it uses more standard contents, it will make them cheaper than previous series. Compared to previous version of Volkswagen, it surely will bring the benefits for the customers. Previous version of Volkswagen presents non standard contents with high price but it looks so bored and classic. But this latest version is completed with Volkswagen’s new grille. Model trims: sport with lighting pkg, sport plus, R-line, Lux, V6 Lux, VR6 4motion.

2013 VV CC - Tiptronic  6 speed transmission
2013 VV CC – Tiptronic 6 speed transmission

2013 VW CC interior Features:5-passenger seating, multi-function steering wheel, self-dimming rearview mirror, leather seating surfaces with active ventilation and massage function and dual-zone automatic climate control.

2013 VV CC Interior
2013 VV CC Interior – dual-zone automatic climate control

If we see the previous version of Volkswagen, we can discover that the old Volkswagen does not plug double height grille but it uses a piece of height grille. Then the head of car, it is reshaped with some simpler units and larger. This old performance has been seen on the release session of 2012 VW CC last summer. Let’s compare to the most recent 2013 VW cc. The car has simpler shape for the head of car but it looks so glamour. Based on its purpose that the car is designed for simple and standard use, almost components on the car’s head are reshaped and designed with more standard elements such as LED taillight and headlight which are more standard.

2013 VV CC Technology: Bluetooth® with audio streaming, Premium VIII touchscreen sound system with HD Radio™, Dynaudio® premium sound system, SiriusXM® Radio and Traffic and touchscreen navigation.

2013 VV CC Touchscreen navigation
2013 VV CC Touchscreen navigation

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