Honda Odyssey 2013 – Best Option for Family Car

January 28, 2013 | Honda

For those who are looking for a family car, Honda Odyssey 2013 seems to be a good choice to think about. The seating of this car is enough for small to medium family. The seating is also good because it is quite flexible. Some of the seats can also be folded so that more space can be created in this car’s cabin. If being asked about whether or not the car is spacious, of course the car is spacious. Every ride with this car will surely full of comfort.

Honda Odyssey 2013
Honda Odyssey 2013

The next thing which is also found to be suitable for family that can be found in Honda Odyssey 2013 is nothing else but complete interior features which are designed for this car. Everything inside the interior of this car is suitable for family needs. There is a quite large cargo which is perfect to be used when the family spends a vacation or picnic somewhere. There is also a font center console which is perfect for small storage and can also be used as cup or bottle holder. The best thing about this feature is that it is actually removable so that when it is not needed, it can be removed easily. Moreover, there is also a trash bag ring as a part of this center console. When the passengers of the car eat something, the trash can be thrower in a bag held by this ring so that they will not throw any trash carelessly here and there. One other feature found to be best in this car is the 16.2” DVD Ultrawide which is surely perfect to kill some boredom white the family is in a trip.

Honda Odyssey 2013 Interior
Honda Odyssey 2013 Interior

2013 Honda Odyssey DVD Ultrawide
2013 Honda Odyssey DVD Ultrawide rear entertainment system with HDMI (standart on Touring Elite trim)

The last but not least thing that makes Honda Odyssey 2013 all safety features designed for the car. First of all, this car is made with strong structure as the first safety point. Other than this one, there is also a braking system which is designed to avoid wheel lookup to happen. Unlike any other car, this car is also completed with Daylight Running Lights. Moreover, airbags are things which are not only provided for those in the front cabin but also those in the back cabin of the car. Besides all those there are some other safety features which can be found in this car. All of them make every ride with family by using the car to be safe and sound.

2013 Honda Odyssey
2013 Honda Odyssey


2013 Honda Odyssey Color options:

silver, blue, black, cherry, mocha, polished metal, smoky topaz, and white (taffetta and diamond pearl).

2013 Honda Odyssey Colors
2013 Honda Odyssey Colors in celestial blue metallic


Odyssey model options:

LX, EX, EX-L, Touring and Touring Elite®:

2013 Honda Odyssey LX
2013 Honda Odyssey LX with optimal cargo

2013 Honda Odyssey EX-L
2013 Honda Odyssey EX-L with power moonroof

2013 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite
2013 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite – in crystal black pearl.

Compare with previous 2012 Honda Odyssey and 2011 Honday Odyssey.

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