Nissan GT-R 2013 Black Edition with Special Wheels and Interior

December 1, 2012 | Nissan

When talking about new cars that will be released in 2013 by some world’s most famous manufacturers in the world, it is certain that Nissan GTR 2013 Black Edition is the one that people should consider about. In simple words, it can be said that in this car, they will be able to find perfect combination that at the end can state about the whole value of the car. Let us talk about all things which are involved in creating the perfect combination mentioned earlier. The first awesome thing can be found in the car is no other but its engine. V6 turbo is known to be the main feature of the engine. Even now there are already earlier versions of this kind of engine feature; still, it can make the car runs well or even better. Moreover, the engine is also known to have a quite high rate of horsepower, which is 545hp. Designed for the purist. The Black Edition adds: 20″ Special black super-lightweight forged-alloy RAYS® wheels, dry carbon-fiber rear spoiler.

2013 nissan gtr black edition
2013 Nissan GTR Black Edition

The Exterior Design of Nissan GT-R 2013 Black Edition

For the exterior design of the car, it is undeniable that Nissan GTR 2013 Black Edition is so awesome. Instead of any other exterior color this black color looks tougher. Even so, it does not mean that this car can only be used by men because it is not. Women can also use this new version of Nissan GTR series. For women, it seems that this black car is an option of elegant ride which is too good to resist. It cannot be denied that from outside, this car look so very beautiful. The glossy look of it, combined with a very special design of headlights.

Nissan GTR black edition 2013

Let’s Take a Look at the Interior

Other thing that can be paid attention to from this Nissan GTR 2013 Black Edition is nothing else but the interior. Special interior in Red and black Recaro® leather appointed front seats and sophisticated black and red interior treatment. The interior of it is made in such a way by its designer and also manufacturer so that it becomes a good comparison to its marvelous exterior design.

2013 Nissan GTR black edition interior

From a first glance to the interior, it can be said that this car is whole black. The reason is because it is not only black in the exterior part but also in its interior too. Moreover, the interior is even better because it is decorated with various technologies which are not only good for better driving experience but also goo because they add more digital entertainment completeness inside the car. Over all, if this car is seen from the combination of engine, exterior design and also interior design of it, it is certain that this car is rather good to be chosen in 2013.


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